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Cal-Mar Foods
737 Bay Street
Oakland, CA  94607

Phone: 510-251-9888
Fax: 510-251-8881

Markets Served:
Singapore; United Arab Emirates

Apples, fresh; Apricots, canned; Artichokes, globe, fresh; Asparagus, canned; Asparagus, fresh; Avocado oil; Avocados; Baked Goods; Bakery Mixes; Barbecue Sauces; Beans, canned; Beef; Berries, fresh; Blueberries and cranberries, fresh; Bread; Broccoli, fresh; Cabbage, kohlrabi and kale, fresh; Cakes, crackers, pies; Cane or beet sugar; Cantaloupe; Carrots and turnips, fresh; Cauliflower, fresh; Celery, except celeriac, fresh; Cheese; Cherries, canned; Cherries, fresh; Chocolate; Chocolate food preparations; Citrus fruit, canned; Coffee; Coffee whiteners, non-dairy; Cookies; Corn, canned; Cucumbers and gherkins, fresh; Desserts; Egg yolks; Eggs, in shell, edible; Eggs, liquid/powdered; Fish, fresh, frozen; Fish, prepared; Fish, smoked; Food preparations; Food, canned (not fruit or vegetables); Fruit mixtures, canned; Fruit, frozen; Fruit, other; Fruits and nuts, frozen; Garlic, fresh or dried; Grapefruit; Grapes, fresh; Grocery Items; Herbs, fresh; Honeydew; Ice Cream; Jams, purees, butters & pastes of fruits or nuts; Ketchup; Lemons and limes fresh; Lettuce, fresh; Lobster and other sea crawfish; Margarine; Mayonnaise and salad dressings; Meals, prepared, frozen; Melons, other; Mixtures of dried fruits; Molasses; Mushrooms and truffles, fresh; Mustard, prepared; Olives, canned; Onion and shallots, fresh; Oranges, fresh; Other berries, fresh; Other berries, frozen; Oysters; Pasta; Peaches and nectarines, fresh; Peaches, canned; Pears, canned; Pears, fresh; Peas and beans, frozen; Peppers and pimento, fresh; Plums, fresh; Pork; Potatoes, fresh; Potatoes, frozen; Poultry, prepared; Rice; Roots, ginseng; Salad/mixtures; Salmon; Sauces; Sausages; Snack Foods; Soups and broths; Soy Sauce; Specialty vegetables; Spinach, fresh; Spinach, frozen; Strawberries, canned; Strawberries, frozen; Strawberries, preserved; Sugar, confectionary; Sweet corn, frozen; Teas; Tomatoes, canned; Vegetables mixtures, frozen; Vegetables, canned other; Vegetables, frozen; Vegetarian Meals; Vinegar; Water, bottled; Watermelons

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